Viracin® Plant Tannin (See Viracin SE)

Viracin is available now as Viracin SE.

At this time, Intensive Nutrition presents Viracin SE, Viracin Special Edition. Due to seasonal variances, our recent batch of Viracin contains additional polyphenol and tannic acid content. Viracin SE is the same formula, the only difference is that we have changed our dosage suggestion and therefore bottle size.

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What is Viracin SE?

Viracin SE is a *special edition* Viracin formula. It is the same formula, but, Viracin SE contains plant tannins that due to seasonal variances are twice as potent in their tannic acid and polyphenol content than our regular formula. As a consequence, we are offering our Viracin SE in two special sizes, a bottle of 30 capsules and a bottle of 60 capsules. Our bottle of 30 capsules will be equivalent to our original bottle of 60’s capsules, and, our bottle of 60’s capsules will be equivalent to our original bottle of 120’s capsules.

At this time, Viracin SE (special edition) will replace our original Viracin formula for this batch only. If you would like to place an order for Viracin, please do so today. Expected ship date is 1st week of November. 2018. We will replace backordered Viracin with ViracinSE and honor the Viracin price. 

Email with questions.

Why Special Edition?

The polyphenol and tannic acid content yield, i.e. potency, was different for both canaigre and acerin crops in 2018. This happened due to climate changing conditions in both the northeast (Acerin) and Southwest (Canaigre). As the potency of each capsule was doubled, we needed to change our dosaging suggestions for this formula and decided to create a “special edition” product.

Will SE happen again?

As we cannot control the growing conditions of our plant tannin raw materials, we can not say with any certainty as to whether or not this will occur again, and/or if we will need to keep our SE. Regardless, we will continue to be able to bring you this excellent Viracin formula and adjust accordingly as mother nature determines.

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