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Tanoral® Plant Tannin Oral Rinse and Tooth Powder for oral hygiene support *OUT OF STOCK*

Tanoral is a plant tannin product formulated to assist comprehensive oral hygiene and health and supports a healthy response to bacteria and yeast organisms*. 45 doses.

  • Tanoral also acts as a comprehensive supplement that supports improved oral and periodontal health. Tanoral exhibits the same detoxifying properties as Tanalbit and other tannins*.

  • What is in Tanoral?

    Tanoral contains a combination of plant tannins buffered with glycine and natural mint flavor. It is designed to be used as a mouth rinse, toothpowder and paste to be directly applied to gums. Tanoral will only address oral health, however, combining Tanalbit® with Tanoral may support comprehensive health.

    How does Tanoral work?

    Tanoral tannins naturally bind to biofilm receptor sites on bacteria/yeast colonies via chelation and/or covalent bonding. This action disrupts colonization and isolates the biofilm, which then is sloughed off and discarded with the Tanoral solution. Tanoral can help support the body’s anti-inflammatory response in the oral cavity. Zinc tannates are astringent by nature, meaning, that when they come in contact with cells they will cause the contraction of that cell or cellular wall. This contraction allows for healthier cellular performance, healthier cellular metabolism and overall function because it supports the body’s natural repair mechanisms. Daily use of Tanoral will make flossing easier and support more comfortable dental office visits.

  • What are Tannins?

    Plant tannins are water soluble, polyphenolic compounds. They are categorized as either hydrolyzable or condensed. Tannins have astringent and antioxidant properties. Plant tannins give the bitter taste to black teas and are a significant component of Redwood Tree bark, giving it its distinct red color.

    Are Tannins safe?

    Yes. Condensed tannins, those which are used in Tanoral, actually have remarkable antioxidant properties and are not absorbed by the body. In Tanoral they are also not ingested.


    Active ingredients: Glycine, Herbal Tannates, Green Tea extract, Citric Acid, Zinc, Chlorophyll; Approximately 45 doses

    Inert ingredients: Natural Mint Flavor

    Allergen Statement: Free of yeast, milk, nut (peanut, tree nut), corn, soy, fish, gluten, wheat, egg, artificial colors or preservatives.




    Please consult your physician and/or dentist prior to using Tanoral especially if you are using any medications or protocols that are designed for oral health. If you have a persistent infection or other complications, please consult with your oral health care professional before starting Tanoral. Advisory: Tannins contain natural dyes that may dye clothing and may dye porous surfaces if solution is not cleaned from surface promptly. Use Tanoral solution only in the appropriate facility for oral care (bathroom sink). If Tanoral solution makes contact with porous tile or other areas, immediately clean those areas so as to prevent staining. 


  • Suggested Protocol

    1. When using Tanoral to address flora balance: Pour a small amount of powder onto a wet toothbrush. Brush teeth and gums vigorously for 3 minutes. Rinse with water. Repeat treatment 2-4 times a week. On areas of specific concern, wet Tanoral powder and apply as a paste directly onto gums, side of mouth, etc. Let paste sit for two minutes. As a mouth rinse, use one scoop with water, twice daily. Suggested use for 1.5 to 2 weeks.
    2. When using Tanoral for general oral hygiene: Pour powder onto wet toothbrush and brush teeth and gums mildly. Then rinse with water. Can be used every day for individuals with dental concerns or 4 times a week for those with healthy teeth and gums. As a mouth rinse, Tanoral can be used twice daily for those with dental concerns or once a day for those with healthy teeth and gums.

    3. When using Tanoral to support healing: Prepare Tanoral as a mouth rinse and swirl around mouth for several seconds. One can also prepare a Tanoral paste and apply directly to area of concern. 
  • Do you have a question about Tanoral?

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