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Tanafem® Plant Tannin for Feminine Health *OUT OF STOCK*

Tanafem is a plant tannin product for women that supports vaginal health*. 1.69 oz, 15 scoops = 2 full applications

  • Tanafem is a safe, gentle and effective formula that supports a healthy response to yeast/bacteria overgrowth in the vaginal area*. It does not cause yeast/bacterial resistance. Tanafem is available as douche powder with reusable applicator sold separately. 

  • What is Tanafem and how does it work?

    Clinically tested, Tanafem is an herbal based, vaginal douche powder made of condensed Zinc tannins buffered with Glycine. The tannins in Tanafem bond to unwanted yeast/bacterial organisms. During the douching process, the tannin/yeast complex leaves the vaginal area with the spent douche solution. Tanafem is one of the gentlest and effective alternative vaginal solutions available for supporting vaginal heatlh. Tanafem will only address the vaginal area. Supportive plant tannin product, Tanalbit, may also help support a healthy vaginal environment.*

    How is Tanafem a better product for vaginal health?

    Tanafem does not kill yeast/bacteria organisms and due to this fact, Tanafem can be used again and again and remain effective. Tanafem is buffered to ensure compatibility with the unique and sensitive vaginal environment*.
  • How to use Tanafem

    Mix one dose/scoop of Tanafem with 1/2 cup to 1 cup of lukewarm water in applicator bottle. Insert applicator into vagina, squeeze douche solution and rinse, repeating until solution is spent. Use Tanafem only once daily for three days. Rest one day and then resume for another 3 day cycle if symptoms persist. For best results, refrain from sexual intercourse (so as to avoid re-infection or infecting partner) during regimen and do not use other products while using Tanafem. Do not use Tanafem for longer than 7 days total. *Please note: Tannins contain natural dyes that may dye clothing and may dye porous surfaces if solution is not cleaned from surface promptly. Use Tanafem solution only in the appropriate facility for douching, e.g. toilet. If Tanafem solution makes contact with porous tile or other areas, immediately clean those areas so as to prevent staining.

    How to use Tanafem for external, vaginal irritation and/or itching.

    Mix a small amount of Tanafem with just enough lukewarm water so that the powder forms a paste. Apply paste externally to outer labia and areas of irritation/itching. For best results, use paste at night and with sanitary pad/liner to prevent staining of clothing and underwear. If using Tanalbit in conjunction with Tanafem, take 2-6 capsules of Tanalbit for at least two days and/or continue throughout Tanafem regimen. To support vaginal health,  2-6 capsules of Tanalbit is suggested prior to the start of menstrual cycles, 6 capsules daily for 4 days for best results*.

    Ingredients: Herbal Tannates, Glycine, Zinc, Silica

    Allergen Statement: Free of yeast, milk, nut (peanut, tree nut), corn, soy, fish, wheat, egg, artificial colors or preservatives. 



    Interactions and Precautions: For douching only. Use only fresh solution per treatment. Tanafem is NOT a contraceptive. Do not use during pregnancy or while nursing. If adverse reactions develop, discontinue use and consult physician. Please consult your physician or health professional prior to using Tanafem, especially if you are taking medication or have had or have chronic ailments relating to vaginal health.





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