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Q-ODT® (CoQ10) High Bioavailability Slow-Dissolving Tablets, 80 mg, 30 count

Q-ODT Coenzyme Q10 slow-dissolving tablets provide superior delivery of this important cofactor nutrient.  30 tablets, 80 mg CoQ10 per tablet.
  • Coenzyme Q10, ubiquinones or mitoquinones belong to a group of lipid-soluble (lipid = fat) benzoquinones involved in electron transport in mitochondrial preparations. Thus said, Co-Q10 is a VITAL enzyme to all aerobic structures, for it is involved in energy transport! The sites in the human body which require the most mitochondrial action are those which are constantly at work: the heart, lungs, brain. Due to this fact, it is these organs, the heart especially, which are compromised due to malfunctioning or inadequate mitochondrial activity. Q-ODT helps support mitochondrial activity and energy production.

  • Why is Coenzyme Q10 important? 

    CoQ10 supports heart health especially heart muscle health. CoQ10 also plays a role in blood vessel health, healthy blood pressure, muscle maintenance and health and oral hygiene. It is also helpful for post-operative recuperation and immune support.

    Why use Q-ODT?

    Our Coenzyme Q10 80 mg formula is suitable for those who desire immediate activity of CoQ10, and for individuals who desire to use CoQ10 for oral and periodontal health. Our Coq10 is Ubidecarenone and when chewed, swirled around in the mouth and then swallowed, provides great bioavailability.

    How does CoQ10 support oral health?

    The increase in ROS or reactive oxygen species in gums gives rise to gum inflammation or periodontis. It is believed that Coenzyme Q10 may support a healthy response to ROS production*.

    Why is our QODT better?

    Our CoQ10 Q-ODT ablets are formulated to be left in the side of the mouth to be slowly dissolved OR chewed almost completely and then the bits swirled around in the mouth until swallowed. This method of delivery ensures maximum bioavailability. Q-ODT is absorbed by the blood capillaries of the mouth where it is then deposited into the bloodstream. This type of delivery should be the preferred method for those who desire the therapeutic benefits of CoQ10 as well as those who are looking to improve periodontal health.

    Why don't you use other forms of CoQ10? Haven't they been shown to be better?

    Intensive Nutrition Inc. uses Ubidecarenone and has shown that its assimilation in the body is equal to other forms of CoQ10. Q10 is an inherently stable compound.
  • How to use Q-ODT

    1-2 servings daily or as directed by your health professional. Place tablet in the side of the mouth and let tablet slowly dissolve.
  • SUPPLEMENT FACTS: 1 tablet

    Ingredients: Coenzyme Q10, 80 mg

    Inert Ingredients: Mannitol, Magnesium Stearate, Ac-Di-Sol

    Allergen Statement: Free of yeast, egg, gluten, wheat, milk, starch, nuts (peanut and tree) artificial colors or preservatives. This product contains corn sugar derivatives. 



    Interactions and Precautions: Please consult a physician prior to adding CoQ10 to your diet. CoQ10 may interact with Warfarin.

    This list is not comprehensive or complete and may not include medications that have contraindications with CoQ10.

  • Do you have a question about Q-ODT slow-dissolving CoQ10 tablets?

    Please email with your product question.

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