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DMAE Lip Enhancer for fuller looking lips

DMAE Amine, Lip Enhancer gives your lips a boost by making them appear fuller and healthier 3%, 0.35 oz.

  • Paraben-free and preservative free, this DMAE formula is designed for lip application. Apply after cleansing face, prior to makeup routine and in the evening. Pair with our AloeSOD moisturizer to maximize results. Lips will appear fuller and healthier. 


  • About DMAE and DMAE Amine

    DMAE is described as a "vitamer" and is believed to help improve memory and brain function by increasing levels of the brain neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is broken down into choline , a b vitamin that has many benefits.

    Our DMAE topical contains DMAE in its AMINE form. This is the ONLY form of DMAE that is absorbed by the skin. If you are using DMAE bitartrate or are making your own DMAE solution, you are not using the right DMAE product.
    In addition, Intensive Nutrition's professional quality DMAE topical formulas contain the highest percentage of DMAE. Many other formulas that contain DMAE amine only do so in small amounts and as a consequence do not list the percentage in the product description.

    How does DMAE positively affect the skin?

    Acetylcholine is involved to a certain degree with muscle contractions. Application of DMAE for skin may help prevent the appearance of sagging skin and increase firmness. Our results indicate that after a nightly application of DMAE, skin does appear firmer and tighter. Puffiness is reduced.

    Are solutions of DMAE less than 3% effective?

    Because Intensive Nutrition uses only pure DMAE amine without any additives, our DMAE 1% and .5 solutions are very effective and we have extensive physician and client feedback that supports this statement. In fact, we suggest that individuals use the lower percentage solutions if they have sensitive skin.

    Is topical DMAE more effective than DMAE taken as a supplement?

    DMAE applied topically will produce more visible benefits sooner than DMAE taken internally. However, long term DMAE taken internally can enhance topical application of DMAE. What you take on the inside does effect how you look on the outside. We suggest considering R Lipoic to support skin health.

    What other supplements are helpful for skin?

    Vitamin C (Mag'C) Essential Fatty Acids (Omega Oils), R Lipoic and Alpha Lipoic Acid. 

    From: Salina M. 

    I have been using the DMAE 3% liquid for face on my lips for about a year. My lips appear fuller and more defined. I follow up with a moisturizer and am now using the AloeSOD on top of DMAE to help moisturize my lips. I'm really excited that you have this new, smaller formula available as it's great to separate my skin care products from my lip care products and this smaller size is great for travel or to keep in my purse. 

  • How to use DMAE Lip Enhancer

    For lips, apply in the morning prior to makeup routine and let dry. Follow with moisturizer AloeSOD. In the evening, apply on a clean mouth and after solution dries, apply moisturizer. After 10 minutes, apply preferred moisturizer, we suggest AloeSOD.

    Ingredients: Water, 3% DMAE amine

    Inert Ingredients: N/A

    Allergen Statement: Paraben Free. This formula is free of yeast, egg, gluten, soy, wheat, milk, starch, fish, shellfish, peanut or tree nut, artificial colors or preservatives.

    Interactions and Precautions: DMAE Amine has a naturally strong smell which dissipates 30 seconds after application. There are no known medication interactions with DMAE. If gel or liquid enters eyes, rinse eyes immediately with water. We suggest using a moisturizer in conjunction with DMAE solution or gel formulas. Allow DMAE to dry completely before applying other cleansers as DMAE and other cleansers may mix and cause irritation. If irritation persists, discontinue use. As with any skin care product, test DMAE on the inside of your arm at least one day prior to beginning use. If irritation occurs, do not use DMAE.

    If you are on medication or under the care of a dermatologist and/or aesthetician and are using other topical formulas, please consult with your provider prior to adding DMAE to your regimen.
  • Do you have a question about DMAE Lip Enhancer formula?

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