Tanalbit Information Page

Tanalbit Information Page

Why is Tanalbit a superior GI support product?

Tanalbit contains complex amino acids and proteins, namely hydroxyproline and proline amino acids. As a consequence, the body recognizes the Tanalbit as a protein and sends the complex to the lower intestine for the majority of its metabolism. Tanalbit essentially tricks the body into taking Tanalbit to areas of the lower intenstine that often need the most supportive help. Plant tannins, consisting of active tannic acid and polyphenols, assist the body's processes in removing unwanted agents, they support healthier GI cells and a gastrointestinal environment. Side effects are little to none  (the tannins in Tanalbit are condensed tannins and as such are not absorbed in the body, specifically by the liver).

How Does Tanalbit work?

Tanalbit is composed of a propriety blend called Zinc Tannates.  Plant Tannins, tannic acid and Amino acids are complexed with Zinc and it is this Plant Tannin/Zinc complex that forms irreversible bonds with the outer membranes of unwanted agents in the gastrointestine. The body recognizes the newly formed Tanalbit/organism mass and begins to digest it, where it is then excreted out of the body during elimination.

In the case of undigested food proteins that may heighten food sensitivity or indigestion, Tanalbit will also bind to those proteins and aid the body's elimination process of those proteins.

For a healthier gastrointestinal environment, the active ingredients in Tanalbit, plant tannins, support cellular integrity. Tannins are natural astringents and as such help strengthen cellular walls and help support a healthy response to cellular inflammation. As Tanalbit travels through the GI it imparts this astringent effect along the way and can comprehensively and positively support gastrointestinal health. 

For healthier skin, Tanalbit supports the body's removal of unwanted organisms that can often contribute to skin issues.

For detoxification
Tanalbit supports the body's detoxification processes. Tanalbit contains condensed tannins which are polyphenolic compounds. They impart antioxidant activity.

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