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Tanalbit or Viracin: Which product is right for you

Tanalbit and Viracin are both plant tannin products that support gastrointestinal health and in many cases comprehensive health. Determining which product is right for you is a decision best made with your health professional, however, please use our suggestions as a guideline for future discussions with your health professional.

The Milk Issue

Tanalbit contains milk protein which is integral to its formula and function. If you are allergic and/or sensitive to milk proteins, Tanalbit is NOT for you. 

Tannin content

Tanalbit contains higher values of tannic acid which for those with sensitive stomachs, can be a bit harsh (causing nausea). Viracin contains less tannic acid is more well tolerated.

Action: Tanalbit Vs. Viracin

Tanalbit was designed first as a purely gastrointestinal support product. It is a strong formula and suggested to be used for approximately 6-8 weeks. It can also be used prophylactically for those who are looking for digestive support, pre or post food consumption. It is often suggested as an important travel aide to help support digestion when foods uncommon to one's normal routine are consumed. 

Viracin also supports the digestive system but also supports the immune system. It supports the body's response to unwanted agents that my compromise immunity. It is the ideal choice for those who would like to support their gastrointestine, their immune system and for those who desire not to consume milk proteins. It is a popular supplement year round and for those whose lifestyle or profession may require extra immune support.