Return and Refund Policy

Products are eligible for return under certain conditions. Please read below for more information.
Vitamins and Minerals are organic products that as a consequence have inconsistencies in their physical makeup and smell. A product is not defective nor is it eligible for return if an individual no longer wants a product that has been opened. All ingredients are clearly stated on the product label. Please make sure to read each label clearly to be sure that sensitivities do not exist to any of the ingredients. We do not accept returns if the customer has failed to read product labels.
Expired items may not be returned. Opened items are generally not eligible for return. Certain exceptions apply --- please contact for more information.
Only unopened products returned within 30 days are eligible for a refund. Products returned after 30 days but within 90 days are subject to a 30% restocking fee. No products are accepted for return after 90 days.
To return an item, please contact us via email or telephone 1-800-333-7414. Verbal confirmation by our staff is required prior to accepting a product return. Upon examination of the returned product, we reserve the right to decline the refund if we find that the product has been adulterated in any way or if we find that there is nothing wrong with the product.
Our products have a quality guarantee which means that all of our products must meet our production quality standard. If you have any questions about this guarantee, please contact Olivia at