Quality Control

Since 1968, Intensive Nutrition Inc. has been dedicated to the production of high quality supplements. This process starts with the choice of only the highest quality raw materials and ends with the meticulous formulation and oversight of manufacturing procedures. For over 40 years, Intensive Nutrition has been actively involved in the evaluation and testing of our dietary supplements.

FDA Regulation and Licensing

As a dietary supplement manufacturer, Intensive Nutrition is licensed by both the California Department of Health and the US Food and Drug Administration. Our California License number is 22450. Our US Food and Drug Administration Facility Registration number is 14173270938.

Compliance and Quality: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

In according with the 1994 DSHEA Act, Intensive Nutrition has established GMP protocols to ensure quality and efficacy of its products. Intensive Nutrition products, their manufacture and the operation of is facility comply with regulations defined under FDA 21 CFR part 111. The procedures included in GMP protocols include (but are not limited to): raw material identity testing, microbial testing, heavy metal analysis and testing, in-process manufacturing testing, finished product testing. All tests performed are designed to ensure that GMP standards of purity, strength and identity are met. The types of testing we employ include (but are not limited to) IFTR, TLC, HPLC, GCMS, LCMS.

We not only manufacture but encapsulate and ship directly from our San Leandro, California facility. In-process quality control checks include: microbial testing, external contaminant testing.

Raw Material Selection

The success of a dietary supplement formula is dependent on two parts: formulation and ingredients. Without a true understanding of how ingredients interact with one another AND how they are assimilated in the body, one can not design a truly effective and supportive formula. This is why the backbone of the formulation and manufacture of INI dietary supplements is biochemistry.

However, key to the success of any product is ingredient quality. The majority of INI's partnerships with its raw material suppliers exceeds more than 25 years and accordingly both old and new relationships are routinely examined to ensure raw material standards are met.


Please email Olivia Melaugh, CIO & President with any questions about our GMP compliance or FDA compliance. olivia@intensivenutrition.com