Our Management Team

Intensive Nutrition Incorporated is run by a dedicated group of individuals whose primary goal to improve lives through better nutrition. We each have a personal story about how dietary supplements have improved our health and that of our families and friends. It is said that the most compelling salespersons are those who truly believe in their products. We not only believe in them; they are integral to our every day lives.
At Intensive Nutrition, our motto is "Invest in Your Health." Why? Because your health is truly the most important asset you own. Welcome to the Intensive Nutrition family. Please read on to find out more about who we are, why we do what we do and how by joining us your health and life can be better.
Bela Balogh, PhD
Founder and CEO
Dr. Bela Balogh, a PhD Biochemist, founded Scientific Consulting Service in 1968 to offer scientific and technical nutritional advice to health professionals in the United States and abroad. During his first year of consulting, Dr. Balogh saw an immediate need for a line of scientifically formulated vitamin and mineral supplements.  With this goal in mind, he established the Scientific Consulting Service Manufacturing Plant and began serving health professionals throughout the West Coast. His initial accomplishments include the development of a kelp-based, hypoallergenic selenium supplement, SeaSEL™. Dr. Balogh later revolutionized the instant absorption of nutritional supplements with his exclusive "Target Release™" concept and in 1985, introduced an innovative nutritional program for surgical patients.

Dr. Bela Balogh is a graduate of the University of Budapest, Hungary and the University of Vienna, Austria, where he received his doctorate in biochemistry.  Prior to starting Intensive Nutrition Inc, he served as Head Research Biochemist for NASA and as an Adjunct Professor of Analytical Chemistry at University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Balogh just celebrated his 80th birthday. He credits his healthy lifestyle, exercise and a good dose of vitamins for his great health.

Rosari Balogh
Vice President

Rosari Macias Balogh is the Vice President of Intensive Nutrition® Incorporated. She currently also is the director of Intensive Nutrition's Marketing Department. Mrs. Balogh is originally from Mexico where she completed her BA degree at the University of Mexico, Mexico City. Rosari was instrumental in launching Intensive Nutrition's Tanalbit® product which brought Tanalbit national attention and widespread recognition as one of the most effective alternative GI support supplements available in the marketplace. Click here to email Rosari

Olivia Balogh Melaugh

Olivia Balogh Melaugh is the Chief Information Officer for Intensive Nutrition. She created Intensive Nutrition's internet presence shortly after starting with the company in 1998 and is now in charge of anything and everything to do with product information whether it be advertisement development or the composition of technical literature for health professionals.

Olivia also provides "Ask Olivia" help, a complimentary web-based service that helps answer customer questions and guides customers in choosing the right dietary supplement or supplement plan for them. She is Intensive Nutrition's designated health information guru and speedily answers questions, large or small, within 24 hours. Click here to email Olivia || Click here to email Ask Olivia for product questions

Olivia is a graduate of Yale University (BA, 1997) and also holds a Nutrition Consultant degree. In 2005 she received her Masters in Business Administration from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She is the proud mommy of three daughters and is a strong advocate for NutriYummies, a sugar-free and allergen-free daily multivitamin manufactured by Intensive Nutrition.

Carina Balogh Hale
Director of Web Outreach

Carina Balogh Hale directs our web outreach, authoring our monthly newsletters and sale promotions. Her considerable experience in the culinary arts and background in anthropology lead her to create a cookbook entitled "What Can I Eat?" for Candidiasis sufferers and for those using Tanalbit or other plant tannin products for GI support.

Carina is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley (Cal) and holds a degree in anthropology. She is also a strong advocate for NutriYummies and for identifying and meeting the nutritional challenges of special needs children. 

Sakonnary "Saky" Meas
Operations Director

Saky Meas is Director of Operations for Intensive Nutrition Inc. She has been with Intensive Nutrition® for over 25 years! Saky overseas day to day operations and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Many know Saky from her wonderful way with customers and her friendly and happy demeanor. In addition to overseeing operations, Saky is also in charge of raw material procurement as well as vendor negotiations for our own raw material production of the selenium and micronutrient supplement, SeaSEL. Click here to email Saky