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Our online shopping is available to all international customers and we do our best to accommodate your needs and requests as they pertain to shipping, customs and shipping costs. If you would like to place an order, and are either confused about ordering online, do not feel comfortable placing your credit card on the internet, or just have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you place your order step by step and make sure it gets to you. *Please note: Shipping costs for international orders may vary from the quoted price. If the cost is more, or less, we will contact you immediately and make adjustments accordingly.*

Authorized UK/European/International Vendors

* In the United Kingdom, please contact: Victoria Health, NutriCentre, Health Interlink and Synergy HealthUK customers: If you are purchasing our products from a non-authorized vendor we can not verify the authenticity of the product you are purchasing.

International Physicians / Distributors
Physicians, health professionals and clinics located outside the USA are welcome to open an account and place an order with us. As with retail orders, we do our best to make international ordering trouble-free.  We currently have clients in the UK, France, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong (China), Spain. 

If you are interested in carrying or distributing our products internationally, please contact our customer service department

International Shipments
Due to international shipping regulations, any package sent by Intensive Nutrition to anywhere outside the US may not pass through customs in the country to which it is being shipped.  Knowing this risk, if you place an order with us you acknowledge that you will agree to pay for your order, regardless of whether or not you receive the package.  If you do not receive the order, you have the right to request proof of non-delivery, including any paperwork that may accompany the return of the order.  If you would like the order to be re-shipped, you may do so at your own risk and expense.

Customs and Shipping
We find that USPS Air Mail is the most efficient shipping method. You may feel free to choose UPS Air or UPS Expedited/Express if that is your preference. *Please note: UPS Expedited and UPS Express are considerably more expensive. Range from $50-$80 USD for these options. Taxes and Duties are the responsibility of the customer.

Fraudulent and "At Risk" Shipments

Many countries are considered "at-risk" as most orders received from or requested from these countries are fraudulent. Countries included in this group are: Nigeria, Sudan, Bulgaria, Romania. We reserve the right to not accept orders originating from these countries. If we do accept an order, payment must be in the form of an international money order.

Shipment of Banned Products
Many countries do not allow shipment of certain nutritional supplements. Check with your country's regulations before ordering. If your order is confiscated or indefinitely delayed no refunds will be issued.

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