Why Our Products Are Better: The Intensive Nutrition Advantage

Not all nutritional supplements are the same. There are several key factors that go into creating superior dietary supplements: high quality raw materials, precision compounding, bioavailability and low microbial content (extended shelf life). We at Intensive Nutrition focus on these four elements in the manufacture of our product line and as a consequence, have successfully served both our professional and private customers faithfully for almost 40 years. 
Raw Materials: High Quality ingredients are CRUCIAL

Intensive Nutrition uses only the highest quality raw materials from reputable raw material vendors. Throughout our 40 years in the industry, we have established many long-term relationships with raw material suppliers and have, as a consequence, access to and can request only the best from our sources. To ensure quality, we rely on the analysis certificate from our suppliers for identification and then verify the certificate with our own testing performed at our in-house laboratory facility. We conduct solubility testing, melting point and infrared testing on our raw materials as well as on our finished products.
Manufacturing Dietary Supplements Is Art

The manufacturing of dietary supplements is an art. The manner in which raw materials are combined, that is, how they are compounded, significantly impacts a products' efficacy and bioavailability. For example, it takes approximately two months for Intensive Nutrition to manufacture a single batch of our Professional Multivitamins, Multi-VM and Mega-VM. At the earliest stage, fat and water soluble materials are separated and then later combined at specific intervals. The mixture is dried, the tablets manufactured and then dried and water coated over several weeks. What results are pristine tablets without paint coating that, as a consequence of their manufacture, are able to target the small intestine when ingested (what we call "target release") and exert superior bioavailability. Our multivitamins, like our entire product line, are subject to precision compounding methods which ensures stability, efficacy and bioavailability of the product.

Bioavailability: Ensuring your body takes full advantage of a formula

What is bioavailability? Bioavailability is a term used in pharmacology. It essentially defines the extent to which a compound reaches systemic (all over) circulation and is available to the body at the point of absorption. For dietary supplements, Intensive Nutrition uses the term bioavailability to define products that have been manufactured for maximum absorption by the body. Intravenous delivery offers 100% bioavailability, however, as dietary supplements can not be delivered in this manner, Intensive Nutrition strives to come as close as possible to maximum bioavailability by refining methods of delivery and/or product composition.

For example, Intensive Nutrition manufactures Vitamin B12 hydroxycobalamin & methylcobalamin as lozenge supplements. Lozenge delivery is very important for Vitamin B12 because this b vitamin is easily destroyed by stomach acids. Lozenge delivery allows for B12 to become absorbed by the mouth and swallowed. To enhance absorption further, Intensive Nutrition® adds betacyclodextrin to its hydroxycobalamin formula in addition to folic acid. In its 3 mg methylcobalamin formula, INI has added 1 mg of folic acid to create a complete and comprehensive B12 supplement.

Another product, Intensive Nutrition's Folixor® folic acid, exemplifies how unique composition leads to superior bioavailability. Folixor, a high potency folate, also contains other nutrient adjuvants (B12, B6 and Vitamin C). However, what makes Folixor a truly exception folic acid supplement is the addition of L-Leucine, and amino acid that boosts absorption!

Shelf-Life & Low Microbial Content: Safety in your supplements

Due to their large nutrient content, vitamins (specifically multivitamins) are always susceptible to bacterial contamination. Intensive Nutrition ensures long-term shelf life for its products by utilizing precise compounding methods (as described above) and by adhering to the strictest standards of cleanliness in its manufacturing facility. In our facility we maintain a library of product batches from which we repeatedly test to ensure that existing and past batches meet efficacy and quality standards.


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