CA Prop 65

In 1986, Californians voted in Proposition 65 which essentially required the state to annually publish a list of chemicals that could cause cancer, birth defects or other significant harm.

How does this affect dietary supplements? How does this affect Intensive Nutrition supplements?

One of the ingredients noted in Prop 65, is lead, a heavy metal that is naturally occurring in varying levels in our environment. As many dietary supplements contain natural/herbal ingredients, there is a possibility that a supplement may contain lead. If this is true, the supplement if taken in the suggested dosage, may not exceed 0.5 μg/day (please note that the US standard is 10 μg/day).

Intensive Nutrition, as part of its GMP protocol, actively tests all of its ingredients for heavy metal contaminants. As a California company, it must notify its customers if any of its products may potentially expose them to any one of the ingredients listed in Prop 65. At this time, Intensive Nutrition products do not exceed the 0.5 μg/day regulation. It will, however, post a warning notification via web and label if any of its products do exceed the 0.5 μg/day level.

What about BPA?

Prop 65 recently added BPA to its chemical list. Intensive Nutrition only uses BPA-Free bottles and caps in its dietary supplement products.