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INI Celebrates 50 years: 1968-2018

For 50 years (2018!) and spanning two family generations, Intensive Nutrition has brought the complementary and alternative medicine community nutritional excellence. Intensive Nutrition is proud to continue to provide exceptional products and thanks you, our valued customers, for our success. To those that are new to us, we welcome you to the Intensive Nutrition family. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you may have.

Our Heritage

In 1968, PhD Biochemist, Dr. Bela Balogh, created a nutritional consulting company, Scientific Consulting Service. Partnering with specialists in oncology and immunology, Dr. Balogh helped design nutritional regimens for oncologists and their patients and was instrumental in helping allergy patients improve their health through the use of high dose amino acid therapies. The creation of a dietary supplement line, Intensive Nutrition (INI) was therefore a natural outgrowth of his consulting business. 

 Intensive Nutrition Incorporated continues the SCS tradition of customer education, and, as its name indicates, focuses on the manufacture of scientifically backed, vigorously researched dietary supplements that are unique in their composition and efficacy. It is particularly important to manufacture products that work with the body's biochemical processes and as a consequence of our commitment to this goal, Intensive Nutrition supplements exhibit the highest bioavailability.

Our Company's Hallmarks: Product Quality, Product Efficacy, Customer Education and Superior Customer Service

Intensive Nutrition Inc. products are manufactured domestically by third party vendors who are accredited and have established GMP protocols per FDA 21 CFR 111. We stand by the safety, purity and efficacy of our products as well as guarantee a 100% compliance with label claims. Period. 

Our formulations reflect unparalleled knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and how the body properly assimilates dietary supplements. If we cannot demonstrate through science the real potential benefit of a dietary supplement, then that formula, ingredient, etc., will not bear the Intensive Nutrition name. The same goes for all our raw materials and excipients (See our article on the safety of Magnesium Stearate). In addition, the majority of our raw materials are certified KOSHER.

Knowledge is empowering. Our product literature is written for ease of understanding by both laypersons and health professionals. We make sure that all of our customers are well-informed about our products and their uses. We occasionally release statements on issues that involve the dietary supplement industry whether it concerns bad science (Magnesium Stearate for example) or regulatory action. Our goal at Intensive Nutrition Inc. to help you live a healthier, happier life. PLEASE DO ASK US QUESTIONS! We are here to help!

All of our Customer Service representatives are well-educated about our product line and we always have a "real" person available for someone to talk to. Our company President, Olivia Melaugh, is available to customers as "Ask Olivia" where she answers all product questions by email.

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