Plant Tannin Products

Plant Tannin Products from Intensive Nutrition contain high levels of antioxidant-activity (proanthocyanidins).  Plant tannins support gastrointestinal health. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other supplements (please consult with your physician prior to using plant tannins with your current medication). These products are also non-toxic and patients who take plant tannins exhibit little if any side effects.

Plant Tannins are safe and super-antioxidants!

Tannins from plants are available in two forms: hydrolysable and condensed. The tannins found in Tanalbit® and Intensive Nutrition's other plant tannin formulas (Viracin®, Tabit®, TanOral®, etc.) are condensed tannins. Condensed tannins are polyphenolic compounds and have an entirely different mechanism than hydrolysable tannins, namely, condensed tannins are not absorbed by the body. Consequently, condensed tannins exert not only high antioxidant activity but also protective activity.