Digestive Support & GI Detox

Intensive Nutrition manufactures several products that support gastrointestinal health.  

These include:

  • Plant Tannins: Plant Tannins help support normal flora balance in the GI and support detoxification  Plant Tannins support a healthier gastrointestine as well as help those with food sensitivities and indigestion after meals. Specific plant tannins like Tanalbit and Tabit can also help support healthy bowel movements.
  • Enzymes: Digestive enzymes like Pancreatin, Pepsin and Bromelain can help support digestion
  • Probiotics like TanFlora help support healthy flora in the gastrointestine
  • Magnesium Ascorbate helps support healthy bowel frequency
  • Omega-Oils can help support GI health by helping to support gastrointestinal function and helping support the body's response to inflammation