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Quality Assurance: How Do I Know If My Product Is Authentic?

January 30, 2019

Quality Assurance:  How Do I Know If My Product Is Authentic?

Starting off the new year with winter upon us in full force, makes for a bumpy start for a healthier 2019. Let's be honest, setting new exercise goals and better eating habits are hard enough to start and maintain, without the added stress of getting sick to hamper our best efforts. So finding the right dietary supplements to boost our immune system is important! Unfortunately, finding legitimate supplements with quality consistency can be a challenge. Once you find your favorite brand, though, how can you be sure you are receiving the same authentic product? Finding them at a deep discount online may seem like a great deal, but if it is an expired or "fake" product, then it is an unfortunate waste of money.

The best way to ensure that you are getting the actual supplements you love, is by buying them directly from the brand manufacturer themselves. If they distribute their products as well, confirm with the company that they have verified distributors or vendors of their product. Check their website for any changes to labeling, ingredients or pricing. An older label that doesn't quite match the ones listed on the company website? Probably expired. 

Intensive Nutrition Inc. products have been available to health professionals and the complementary alternative medicine community since 1968. We sell directly to health professionals and retailers. Due to the popularity of internet health sites, or comprehensive sites like Amazon, you may find many of our products available for sale. If the company you are purchasing our products from is not listed as one of our authorized vendors, then we cannot guarantee the quality and authenticity of the product that you have purchased. Only products purchased directly from our website, by phone, from a health care professional, or from one of our authorized resellers is guaranteed to be 100% authentic.  

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