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December 11, 2014 1 Comment

Skin scars caused by minor injury, illness or surgical procedures are evidence that the body's healing processes are working. The mark they can leave, however, is often unsightly. Discoloration and raised areas of skin (the more pronounced called keloid scars) can be distressing and bothersome especially if they are clearly visible to others.

In 1991 Intensive Nutrition developed Deep '91, a hypoallergenic skin care oil that helps reduce both the development of and appearance of scar tissue. It was designed for the post-operative healing of large incision scars (heart bypass) and other post-operative scars (c-section, mastectomy, etc.).

To reduce the appearance or development of a bold scar, the key is to increase blood flow to the area of injury quickly right after the initial scab forms. This increase in circulation helps reduce unsightly scar formation. Deep '91's ingredients do just that, increase blood flow to the area of injury and provide nutritive ingredients that help support collagen production and skin healing.

Deep '91 is suggested for the following:

  • Post-operative scars
  • Post burn scars

Optimal time to use Deep '91 is within 6 months of initial scar formation. Deep '91 can be used on older scars and can reduce discoloration somewhat but it is most effective when scar tissue has not already developed.

Due to the fact that Deep '91 increases blood flow it can also help with minor inflammation and injury and used as a massage oil for minor strains or sprains.


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Andrew Rubman
Andrew Rubman

February 20, 2016

Hi -
Please ask Bela to bring this one back. It is unique in its niche.
Many thanks!

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