*NEW* Tanalbit® Formula: An Excellent product gets even BETTER

June 28, 2014

In 1985, Intensive Nutrition’s founder and PhD Biochemist, Dr. Béla Balogh, developed Tanalbit, a dietary supplement for gastrointestinal support. The expertly formulated Tanalbit reflected Dr. Balogh’s research and knowledge of plant tannin chemistry and his understanding of human digestion and nutrient metabolism. For almost 30 years, countless customers, physicians and retailers have reported success with the Tanalbit formula. Tanalbit is recognized domestically and internationally for its ability to support a healthier gastrointestinal environment and, a healthier individual overall.

In the three decades since its release, the active ingredients in Tanalbit, plant tannins, have had their own share of notoriety. Numerous research facilities including the USDA have published papers describing the potential benefits of plant tannins for human health. These independent studies and clinician feedback prompted Dr. Balogh to consider reformulating Tanalbit to make it an even more effective gastrointestinal support product.

After several years of in-house testing, Dr. Balogh and Intensive Nutrition are proud to announce a *NEW* Tanalbit formula. The features of revitalized Tanalbit include

  • More active ingredients per capsule
  • Higher Zinc and L-Proline content per capsule which allows the Tanalbit complex even greater access to the digestive tract
  • Smaller Suggested Dosage: With greater potency comes a more convenient suggested regimen. Instead of 9 capsules daily our suggested regimen stops at 6 capsules daily
  • Greater Efficiency: Individuals will see greater results in a shorter amount of time and as a consequence will also benefit from cost savings

Intensive Nutrition is confident that this revitalized formula will be even more successful for those seeking to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. For those with questions about the formula, please contact Olivia Melaugh our product specialist at olivia@intensivenutrition.com. You may also call 1-800-333-7414 an a client specialist will be happy to assist you.

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